Battle of Wisby 2013

This year I’ve sort of forgot to bring my camera, yes I know, that’s really, really bad.
(Note to self, make a small bag for carrying camera and/ or mobile phone)
And then there was the thing with me actually participating in the battles as an archer 😀

Anyhow, I manage to take a few photos, so here goes nothing.

Started our trip to the fair island a bit early

We have arrived!

Some sewing with lovely Anna before the week started.

And some coffe and sewing on my project that never got finished

Beautiful rainbow over Carnis tent

Lovely Stina before MĂ€sterby

Teutonic order

Olof and Rasmus preparing for battle in their own special way

Gutnish archers

Jörgen preparing for battle

Martin preparing for battle

More archers

Stina preparing for battle

note our war squirrel


Me in a really big helmet

Gutnish archers

Rickard, or as he wrote on facebook, the Return of the flesh eating flower hippies!

Well unfortunately all good things must come to an end, and so did this week.
Wisby, BoW, lovely friends new and old, I miss you already.

There is more photos from the event in 2011 Battle of Wisby – outside the city walls and Battle of Wisby – MĂ€sterby.

The Facebook group for Battle of Wisby you can find here.
For more information, Battle of Wisby

Battle of Wisby – MĂ€sterby

In the year of our lord 1361 the Danish king Valdemar Atterdag, with his army consisting of knights and professional soldiers invaded Gotland and the brave peasants of the island tried to resist but in the end they failed, resulting in thousands of lives lost.

The project Battle of Wisby aims to honour all those who lost their life by reenacting the battles, one at MĂ€sterby and the other that took place outside the city wall all those years ago.















For more information about this event:
The battle of MĂ€sterby



I’ve been visiting this beautiful city for years now, but I still remember the first time.

First day, arrived late from the mainland, the sun was setting, down by the promenade, in the shadow of the old ring wall, met a bunch of new friends, girls were dancing on the beach, someone playing an instrument in the far distant, and just a hint of late summer hanging in the air. It was then I realised I was suppose to meet up a friend at KapitelhusgÄrden and I had no idea how to get there in the dark. But meet a nice knight who escorted me trough all those narrow and winding medieval streets, that seemed at the time, always end up in the opposite direction to were you was supposed to go. It was one of those moments that always will stay with you. And from Wisby there are pleny of moments and fond memories like this.

I’ve always loved old places, even as a child I’d love to see old churches and walk around the cemetery reading on tombstone (and yes, it started that early in life : )
Wisby is just one of those places were you can feel, almost touch the past. Maybe that is why I’m returning year after year, the feeling of being so close to a different time. And of course when you wearing historical clothing it is almost like you were there, almost. In the end isn’t that what we all (reenactors and history nerds) strive for, the feeling of being there and then.

Or maybe it’s just all about having fun, you decide…

Best of friends

And so a new adventure starts

It was a beautiful day in the beginning of august that we bright and early started our journey taking us from beautiful Gothenburg and the year 2011 all the way back to the year 1361 and to the island of the roses.

After a long trip over land and over the sea, we finally realised that we have arrived.

No rest for the wicked, time to set up camp.



It was a bit windy

Oh, humm, well…

Not to bad in the end 🙂