I’ve been visiting this beautiful city for years now, but I still remember the first time.

First day, arrived late from the mainland, the sun was setting, down by the promenade, in the shadow of the old ring wall, met a bunch of new friends, girls were dancing on the beach, someone playing an instrument in the far distant, and just a hint of late summer hanging in the air. It was then I realised I was suppose to meet up a friend at Kapitelhusgården and I had no idea how to get there in the dark. But meet a nice knight who escorted me trough all those narrow and winding medieval streets, that seemed at the time, always end up in the opposite direction to were you was supposed to go. It was one of those moments that always will stay with you. And from Wisby there are pleny of moments and fond memories like this.

I’ve always loved old places, even as a child I’d love to see old churches and walk around the cemetery reading on tombstone (and yes, it started that early in life : )
Wisby is just one of those places were you can feel, almost touch the past. Maybe that is why I’m returning year after year, the feeling of being so close to a different time. And of course when you wearing historical clothing it is almost like you were there, almost. In the end isn’t that what we all (reenactors and history nerds) strive for, the feeling of being there and then.

Or maybe it’s just all about having fun, you decide…

Best of friends

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