Battle of Wisby 2013

This year I’ve sort of forgot to bring my camera, yes I know, that’s really, really bad.
(Note to self, make a small bag for carrying camera and/ or mobile phone)
And then there was the thing with me actually participating in the battles as an archer 😀

Anyhow, I manage to take a few photos, so here goes nothing.

Started our trip to the fair island a bit early

We have arrived!

Some sewing with lovely Anna before the week started.

And some coffe and sewing on my project that never got finished

Beautiful rainbow over Carnis tent

Lovely Stina before MĂ€sterby

Teutonic order

Olof and Rasmus preparing for battle in their own special way

Gutnish archers

Jörgen preparing for battle

Martin preparing for battle

More archers

Stina preparing for battle

note our war squirrel


Me in a really big helmet

Gutnish archers

Rickard, or as he wrote on facebook, the Return of the flesh eating flower hippies!

Well unfortunately all good things must come to an end, and so did this week.
Wisby, BoW, lovely friends new and old, I miss you already.

There is more photos from the event in 2011 Battle of Wisby – outside the city walls and Battle of Wisby – MĂ€sterby.

The Facebook group for Battle of Wisby you can find here.
For more information, Battle of Wisby

With my bow and arrow

On a bit chilly but lovely spring day me and my friend went to the woods with our bows and arrows!
This time around it was just a friendly tournament with different kinds of targets, long distance, short distance, moving target, high, low and in the end a green creature trying to hide in the forest 🙂

As always we had lots of fun, looking forward to the next time!